Giuliani Reharmonized

First published in 1812, Mauro Giuliani’s Op. 1, Studio per la Chitarra, remains an indispensable resource for classical guitarists. Part I, Degli arpeggi esercizio per la mano destra (better known as 120 Exercises for the Right Hand), in particular, is arguably the direction toward which many performers, teachers and students turn when seeking to refine their technique in executing a particular right-hand pattern.

New from KPMP, Giuliani Reharmonized is a collection of twenty studies that builds upon selected exercises by Giuliani and adapts them to 13 major and 13 minor keys, as well as various harmonic contexts. Studies that use 13 major keys or 13 minor keys also include brief modulatory passages to transition to the next key via ascending or descending fifths. Each of these studies not only situates an exercise in the context of each key, but also provides efficient ways to move between closely related keys. Other studies in this collection focus on a certain key and take the performer through the various diatonic harmonies that appear within that key.

Add a harmonic dimension to your practice routine!

Available at Sheet Music Plus

Giuliani Reharmonized

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