Compostion for Guitar

Study in F# Minor

This study makes use of the full range of the guitar using a 16-measure arpeggiated progression played in three different registers-low, medium and high. Pay attention to the differences in sound as well as the different fingerings and hand positions required to execute each section. Because of octave equivalence they are all the same from a music theory point of view, however, each section may present particular challenges in mentally processing and interpreting the notation, for example, upper or lower ledger lines may be difficult to read and may obscure the underlying harmony.

Play this study slowly. Allow notes to extend longer than written past measure boundaries when desired and practical. To reinforce the octave connections between sections and iron out any challenges with ledger lines, play the study so that each section unfolds simultaneously. That is, play the first measure of each section in succession-m. 1, m. 17, m. 33-before moving on to the next set of measures.

(Please consider supporting this site! Sheet music and tablature for Study in F# Minor and other guitar studies available here: Innovative Studies for Guitar – Volume 1)

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