Eight Octatonic Studies

Now available from KPMP:

Eight Octatonic Studies for Solo Guitar by Ken Pasciak

Inspired by Toru Takemitsu and Leo Brouwer, Eight Octatonic Studies features eight studies for classical or electric guitar. Each study explores the expressive potential of an octatonic collection (also referred to as an octatonic scale or diminished scale).

Studies I, IV and VI feature ostinato patterns that support evocative melodies. Study II is an exercise in octatonic counterpoint and imitation. Studies III and VII feature octatonic scalar motives punctuated by dyads and seventh chords. Study V simulates a tonal context, implying the key of D-flat major. Finally, Study VIII explores the intervallic relationships inherent in an octatonic collection.

Eight Octatonic Studies

Available at: Sheet Music Plus

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