A Classical Guitar Method for Beginners

The Hal Leonard Classical Guitar Method by Paul Henry. (Available on Sheet Music Plus.)

The Hal Leonard Classical Guitar Method is an excellent book for anyone interested in learning to play classical guitar. The first several pages provide some simple explanations about the guitar, sitting position and hand positions, tuning and music fundamentals, which are also helpful for future reference when needed.

Like most classical guitar methods, this book begins with several studies to introduce the open strings. These studies get all of the right-hand fingers moving right away. From there, the method gradually adds additional notes in first position, beginning with the notes on the high E string. As the student learns new notes, various musical concepts, such as ties, rhythms and arpeggios, are also gradually introduced, providing new contexts and variations that build upon previous topics.

In addition to the original studies and arrangements that are designed specifically for this method, the book introduces a number of studies by classical guitar composers, including studies by Matteo Carcassi, Mauro Giuliani and Dionysio Aguado. The book also several works adapted for the guitar by various classical composers, including works by J. S. Bach, Mozart and Beethoven.

This book presents a streamlined and efficient method for learning the classical guitar. This could pose a challenge both for young players struggling with a particular concept or technique, or those progressing too quickly. Teachers may need to provide supplementary materials for additional study, depending on the students’ interests or issues.

A potential drawback of this method is that discussions of music theory topics are limited to brief descriptions of scales, key signatures and chords. Teachers or students interested in spending more time on these topics will likely want to add supplementary information or studies to reenforce these or advanced musical concepts.

A version of this book with tablature is also available.

look insideHal Leonard Classical Guitar Method (Tab Edition) A Beginner’s Guide with Step-by-Step Instruction and Over 25 Pieces to Study and Play. Guitar Method. Classical Instruction, Instruction. Softcover Audio Online. With guitar tablature. 120 pages. Published by Hal Leonard (HL.142652).

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