Compostion for Guitar

Jazz Waltz for Guitar

This jazzy tune in 3/4 features a simple melody supported by some rich extended and altered chords. The pedal E in the lower voice in the beginning provides a measure-level pulse, but also creates some extra dissonance that obscures the harmony. Can you name the chord in the first measure? Maybe it’s an Ebmb5#7/E (yikes!) or maybe it’s some kind of b5 substitute for an A13, or maybe it’s best to just think of it as a collection of non-chord tones that resolve to an E13 in measure 2 that eventually leads to the A13 in measure 17 and finally at the end of the tune…or maybe it’s better not to analyze and just play and listen.

(Please consider supporting this site! Sheet music and tablature for Jazz Waltz available here: Innovative Studies for Guitar – Volume 2)

Jazz Waltz

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