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Fanfare No. 2

Fanfare No. 2 below is a variation of the piece, Fanfare, introduced in the previous post. The main difference is that this composition uses minor triads instead of major ones. This leads to a subtle change in the melody in certain places, but overall, it sounds very similar to the original.

Recomposing this piece was fairly straightforward and simply required changing each major triad to its parallel minor in the new piece. The trickiest part was adding the appropriate accidental reminders when necessary for clarity. Note that G# minor and Ab minor are enharmonically related, but G# minor seemed a bit easier to interpret.

From a Neo-Riemannian perspective (see previous post), the succession of chords in this piece can be derived similarly. The same transformations apply since they are part of the same succession.

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Successive P & L Transformations

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