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Fanfare No. 2

Fanfare No. 2 below is a variation of the piece, Fanfare, introduced in the previous post. The main difference is that this composition uses minor triads instead of major ones. This leads to a subtle change in the melody in certain places, but overall, it sounds very similar to the original. Recomposing this piece was… Continue reading Fanfare No. 2

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Neo-Riemannian Transformations/Fanfare

Neo-Riemannian theory in music in short describes pitch relationships between major and minor triads. It examines the effect of efficient voice leading, or in other words, what happens when one pitch of a triad changes by a tone or semi-tone. These single pitch changes are categorized into three basic triadic transformations: P=parallel, R=relative and L=leading-tone… Continue reading Neo-Riemannian Transformations/Fanfare