Flashcards for jazz musicians

How well do you know the basics of music theory for jazz? Can you spell all five types of seventh chords (major 7th, minor 7th, dominant 7th, half-diminished 7th, diminished 7th) in all keys? The ii - V - I progression is one of the most common progressions you will see in jazz. How well… Continue reading Flashcards for jazz musicians

Twelve Studies in 12 Major Keys

New from KPMP, Twelve Studies in 12 Major Keys features twelve etudes for solo guitar.  Each unique etude features a different major key, including rarely seen keys such as F#, Db, Ab, Eb and Bb. Beginning with a rag in C Major, Twelve Studies takes the performer through each key by ascending fifths. Highlights include: 2-against-3 study in G,… Continue reading Twelve Studies in 12 Major Keys

Giuliani Reharmonized

First published in 1812, Mauro Giuliani’s Op. 1, Studio per la Chitarra, remains an indispensable resource for classical guitarists. Part I, Degli arpeggi esercizio per la mano destra (better known as 120 Exercises for the Right Hand), in particular, is arguably the direction toward which many performers, teachers and students turn when seeking to refine… Continue reading Giuliani Reharmonized