Mixing Classical Guitar

Mixing is that magical process by which a sound engineer takes a raw recording and turns it into a beautifully polished work of sonic art. That process has always been a mystery to me. Sure, techniques like mechanically manipulating sound files using cut and paste, applying basic effects like fade in and fade out, and… Continue reading Mixing Classical Guitar

Songs from Midnight Diner

Midnight Diner is a Japanese drama that revolves around a small diner in Tokyo. Seeking refuge from their daily lives in a modern metropolis, customers visit during the midnight hours to find comfort in the form of food, prepared to order by the sole proprietor chef, and companionship in the somewhat folksy atmosphere of the… Continue reading Songs from Midnight Diner

Arpeggio Exercise for Guitar

For any musician, learning and practicing arpeggios can be an effective way to build technique, and, in the right context, can help to improve your ear and develop your sense of harmony. For the guitarist, arpeggios can also help develop fluency across the fretboard. The Arpeggio Exercise below is based on an embellished and harmonized… Continue reading Arpeggio Exercise for Guitar

A Classical Guitar Method for Beginners

The Hal Leonard Classical Guitar Method by Paul Henry. (Available on Sheet Music Plus.) The Hal Leonard Classical Guitar Method is an excellent book for anyone interested in learning to play classical guitar. The first several pages provide some simple explanations about the guitar, sitting position and hand positions, tuning and music fundamentals, which are… Continue reading A Classical Guitar Method for Beginners