Twelve Studies in 12 Major Keys

New from KPMP, Twelve Studies in 12 Major Keys features twelve etudes for solo guitar.  Each unique etude features a different major key, including rarely seen keys such as F#, Db, Ab, Eb and Bb. Beginning with a rag in C Major, Twelve Studies takes the performer through each key by ascending fifths. Highlights include: 2-against-3 study in G,… Continue reading Twelve Studies in 12 Major Keys

六段の調べ (Rokudan no Shirabe)

The Edo Period (1603 – 1868) marks a time of political stability and domestic development in Japanese history that led to a growing culture of the arts and music. Although many styles of music flourished, sōkyoku jiuta, Edo period chamber music for koto, a thirteen-stringed plucked zither, and shamisen, a three-stringed plucked lute, likely best… Continue reading 六段の調べ (Rokudan no Shirabe)