Compostion for Guitar

Study in F# Minor

This study makes use of the full range of the guitar using a 16-measure arpeggiated progression played in three different registers-low, medium and high. Pay attention to the differences in sound as well as the different fingerings and hand positions required to execute each section. Because of octave equivalence they are all the same from… Continue reading Study in F# Minor

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Study in C Minor

This post features Fernando Sor's well-known Study in C, Opus 60, No. 1, recomposed in the key of C minor. (Compare both versions below.) Converting a melody to a parallel major or minor, involves a bit more than just changing the key signature. An important aspect to consider is the harmony that the melody implies.… Continue reading Study in C Minor

Compostion for Guitar

Phrygian Meditation

The phrygian scale is a type of minor scale similar to the natural minor (or aoelian) scale, but with a lowered second. The term phrygian as applied to music comes from the music theory of the ancient Greeks, although the Greek phrygian scale was likely different than the one used today, and was certainly used… Continue reading Phrygian Meditation

Compostion for Guitar

Study in Minor 2nds

This composition is a study is based on pairs of notes that are a minor 2nd, or half-step, apart. Note that all minor 2nd pairs except one involve an open string to avoid unwieldy stretches. Alternate thumb and index finger on adjacent strings to execute quickly. Play as fast as you'd like! (Please consider supporting… Continue reading Study in Minor 2nds

Compostion for Guitar

Arpeggio Study in C

A simple composition to start the day. (Please consider supporting this site! Sheet music and tablature for Arpeggio Study in C and other guitar studies available here: Innovative Studies for Guitar - Volume 1) Arpeggio Study in C Slightly revised version. Easier to play and sounds better!